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Marcela + Tyler- Engagement Session at Edgerton Park Greenhouse in New Haven, CT

As a photographer, every session is an adventure. Initially planned take place on a sunny beach, New England weather had different plans in store for Marcela and Tyler and early spring brought wintery weather with cold gusty winds. Rather than cancel, we embraced the change, shifting our location to a nearby greenhouse at Edgerton Park in New Haven, CT. Little did we know, this change of scenery would add a layer of magic to the shoot.

Stepping into the greenhouse felt like entering another world. The air was thick with the scent of soil and growth, and the diffused light filtering through the glass roof bathed everything in a soft, luminous glow. It was a photographer's dream!

Marcela and Tyler laughed and embraced amidst the towering palms and cascading ferns. The connection between these two was amazing. I truly fell in love with this location and these images!

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